Assets with conflicting compression and streaming settings

Hey everyone,

When I’m trying to build I get the following message:

“There are assets in the project with conflicting compression and streaming settings. You can fix the issue by using the “Repair Path Conflict…” context menu option in the Assets Browser.”

I’ve been searching for the “Repair Path Conflict” option but I can’t find it. Next to that I really don’t know which assets are causing the issue or how I can find those assets.

If anyone could help me out or send me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.



Thanks for contacting us about this issue. Which version of FMOD Studio are you using when you encounter this error message? Is your project subject to source control?

Hi there,

I have just changed my project to 2.01.07 the day before, coming from 2.00.05.
I’ve had this problem once before however but I can’t quite remember what I changed to fix it.

The project is not subject to source control.



If you right-click in the assets browser, does the context menu contain the command “Repair Asset Conflicts…”? If so, this is the menu item you should use.

The error message that says to select “Repair Path Conflict…” should say to select “Repair Asset Conflicts…”. This is a bug, and is already present in our bug tracker.

Worked like a charm!

I thought I had to click a specific audio file or around the menu but I just needed to click the grey space !

Thanks a lot for the help!