Frequent build warnings and validation errors when trying to set assets to stream

I am having a nearly-continuous problem setting assets to be streaming. In some cases, intermittently, (even on the same asset file) setting the asset to stream produces a warning when I try to build a bank, and it throws validation errors which do not specify a file. If I repair asset conflicts, the warnings disappear, but only because Studio reset my asset(s) to be non-streaming.


  1. I have tried every combination of encoding settings possible, and none of them seem to make this problem go away. What is the expected proper encoding setting for, say, a 60-second stereo 24/48 .wav file set to stream?

  2. These warnings may be spurious; I have never noticed any consequences from building over these objections. What are the potential problems for simply ignoring the warning and building without repairing asset conflicts first?

Copied from another topic which I now understand to be related:

I now believe this was a result of Studio and Perforce being out-of-sync.

I did the following and the problem seems to have disappeared:

  • Repaired all validation errors and deleted all unwanted events.
  • Made a back-up copy of my entire FMOD project folder.
  • In Perforce, marked the entire project folder for delete.
  • Copied the project back to its original location from the back-up location.
  • In Perforce, added the entire project back.