Repair Asset Conflicts brings up an empty dialogue box

Hey everyone,

Has anyone ever gotten a blank screen when attempting to “Repair Asset Conflicts…”? If there are no listed conflicts, why am I getting that error?

This initial error comes up when I Build All Platforms:
“There are issues that should be resolved before building the project.
There are assets in the project with conflicting compression and streaming settings. You can fix the issue by using the “Repair Path Conflict…” context menu option in the Assets Browser.”

Thanks to a previous post, I learned that “Repair Path Conflict” should actually be “Repair Asset Conflicts”, so that’s what I do. I then get this:

So if there’s nothing to repair, why the error? Banks seem to build successfully, so I almost want to assume it’s ok to ignore this warning… but the smarter part of me knows nothing should be ignored.

Any ideas?


If you open the console (Windows > Console) and look in the logging tab whilst doing the Build All Platforms, are you able to see errors/warnings regarding path conflicts? It might provide more information where this error is coming from.

Hey @richard_simms ,

Thank you for the info. Full disclosure, I have very little coding knowledge. But even so, I don’t see anything that immediately pops out as path related. However, this line shows up in red several times thruout the log:

07:03:18 fmod_dspi.cpp(5316), assert(): assertion: 'result == FMOD_OK || result == FMOD_ERR_DSP_DONTPROCESS || result == FMOD_ERR_DSP_SILENCE || result == FMOD_ERR_DSP_NOTFOUND' failed [#4 times]

Sometimes the end is “#8 times” instead of #4, but the rest remains exactly the same every time it comes up. Does that strike you as anything recognizable?


Hi @richard_simms ,

Checking in to see if that error code rung any bells for you or anyone else on the team?

Thank you!

This looks like an asset is corrupted in a certain way that is causing the assert to fail, which is triggering the repair dialogue, without providing the actual path to the asset.

Are you able to share your project with us? You can DM me a link to download it and I’ll take a closer look.

Thank you, @richard_simms , for the offer & additional info! I’m sorry that I can’t share the project, but there is some good news.

Since we’re using Source Control, I was able to force a Get Latest command on the project folders. I still don’t know which asset was causing trouble but whatever it was, it’s resolved now :slight_smile: