Audio clicks and pops on one shot rapid triggering

Hello everyone.
Quick issue I don’t fully understand.
One shot audio systems sometimes pop and click when triggered fast, It’s quite annoying especially for footsteps systems.
Here’s a quick capture so you can hear the problem.

Video example

Thing is, some assets don’t have that issue, but I can’t seem to understand what is different between these and the assets affected as they often have been batch rendered through the same processes and samplerate settings.

Of course this translates all the way through the engine and integration and is captured as is in the profiler when I test out the game.

Thanks in advance !

Repeatedly hitting the play button, as you do in your video, is an unusual thing to do, and is not something that happens in your game. It represents forcibly stopping and restarting a single event instance. Your game code should instead create a new instance of the event for each footstep (or other event) that is required. In some cases, creating a new event instance may result in an earlier instance being stolen, but in these cases, ramping is applied to the stolen event instance’s volume to prevent the kind of popping you have noticed here.

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As I said, it’s actually happening in game, I’m using fmod components to trigger the footsteps, maybe that’s the issue I don’t know, but when the footsteps are triggered too fast they do exactly as when I spam the play button !

How can you create different event instances effectively in the code ? Any useful example or guide maybe ? Using UE4 btw.

EDIT : Fixed it with our team’s programmers, they created a new kind of component able to play several instances of the same event ! Thanks for the answer !