Sounds Cuting Itself


I´m having a little trouble solving this. Basically, I want to play the same sound in the same event but withouth the sound cutting itself.

Everytime you play an event the sound starts over cutting it´s tail, is it possible to prevent this? So you can still hear the previous tail?

Thanks in advance for any help.


There are several ways of going about this, but which one is best for you will depend on the other requirements of your event. What do you need the event to do?

I just need it to repeat, nothing fancy.
Imagine that you have a bunch of objects hitting each other, I want to trigger the same sound on every collision but I don’t want the sound to cut itself, I always want to hear the sound from beginning to end.
I can´t figure out how to this in Fmod Studio

It sounds like you have a commonly-occurring game event that triggers a sound event to play. If that is the case, then the answer is simple: You should create and play a separate event instance for every occurrence of the game event that triggers the sound. Note that this does not require you to create more than one event in FMOD Studio.

Information on creating and handling multiple instances of a single event can be found in our programmer’s API documentation. You might want to start with the topic “Studio::EventDescription::createInstance.”


OK thanks. So the only way is to do it in code. It would be cool if there was a way of doing this in Fmod in the future :slight_smile:

João, it sounds as though you want the ability to preview a sound playing on top of itself from inside of FMOD Studio, is that correct? So you just want to hear what it’ll be like if this sound plays in rapid succession.

Joseph, could you add some sort of “trigger new instance” playback mode to the Studio tool or something similar in order to support this?

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@JoãoCosta You should be able to work around the auditioning limitation by creating a temporary event for auditioning purposes, and populating it with one or more sound modules that reference the event you want to audition; This will allow you to trigger multiple instances of the nested event by repeatedly triggering and untriggering the event reference sound modules.

Don’t forget to delete the temporary auditioning event once you’re done.

@GuySomberg Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll reccomend we add some ability to easily audition multiple instances of a single event at our next UI planning meeting.

@GuySomberg Exactly. But the problem is that if you trigger the same event multiple times in rapid succesion and the previous instance hasn´t finished playing the sound cuts itself. I don´t want that to happen.
“Studio::EventDescription::createInstance.” seems to do the trick, but it would be good to have a “trigger new instance” playback mode like you suggested :slight_smile:

is there a other solution yet? :slight_smile: can you do this in FMOD?

Yes. There are a number of methods to both audition multiple simultaneous instances of an event in FMOD Studio, and to play multiple simultaneous instances of an event in a game. Which are you having trouble with?

i want a sound to be played in the game whenever i press the right mouse button without the previous one cutting itself.

so i created a 2d event in fmod and loaded a multi-instrument into it, into which i loaded different variations of the sound.

i thought i could just increase the polyphony of the instrument. but unfortunately I have not found such an option.

It should work by default as you want. Event polyphony is infinite by default. Simply trigger a new instance of the event each time (rather than restarting the same one). Do you code in Unity, UE?

Thanks a lot! The projekt is in Unity but I do not code. I’m making the sounds and then implementing them in FMOD. Thats why I ask if there is a solution in FMOD because code is not my area…

Though I’m not a Unity user, we’ve recently discussed something similar: Event stops before playing with loop and trigger zone. New bug?

If your event isn’t looped, it should be considered as “one shot” by default, and so a new instance will be automatically started each time the event is started.

As Alcibiade says, this should work, as long as your game engine creates a new instance of the event each time you want to play a new instance of that event.

Sending multiple start commands to the same instance will just cause it to restart without creating new instances of the event.

Thanks a lot for your quick responses and help!