Avoid pops/clicks when re-triggering Event?

Hi folks

Fairly basic issue here,

When re-triggering an event (say, a drum hit which can be struck repeatedly), I am getting pops/clicks as the playhead is forced back to start 0 value from a positive/negative wave position when the prior spawns are interrupted by the newest one.

Is there a way where re-triggering Play will run a new instance of the instrument, leaving the previous one(s) to play out entirely instead of stealing it?

Even Scatterer with polyphony doesn’t seem to do it - each instance gets interrupted.

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Triggering a new instance instead of retriggering an existant one is absolutely possible, but it should be in the code/implementation rather than in FMOD Studio.
If you want to stay with one instance but still have overlapping sounds, it’s also possible but it will involve other techniques, as sustain points or parameters, instead of restarting.

Thanks Alcibiade,

Can’t think how I’d do this in FMOD for a simple Overlap > Play, so perhaps duplicating the event and having the game engine handle the Playlist Shuffling is the way to go.

Odd one this is.

No need to shuffle between duplicated events. The common way to go is creating a different instance for each sound you trigger in the game engine, and let each instance auto-stop/release when there’s no more sound to play (this is usually the default behavior).

Having this behavior direcly in fmod could be done using an async instrument, a loop and a sustain point. Instead of restarting the event, you will have to do a “trigger cue” of “cue off” when you want to spawn a new sound (without cutting the previous one).