Audio plays from device speakers instead of headphones

The problem: on android when plugging in headphones sound continues playing from device speakers, not from headphones. But in case of launching the game with headphones everything is correctly. I tried to use DEVICELISTCHANGED callback but when I plugged in headphones it wasn’t invoked. And system shows only 1 driver. But the same callback works on PC build.

I noticed that when I was plugging in headphones sound’d stopped for an instant and continued work with speakers.

FMOD 2.00.07 and Unity 2019.4.4f1.

Hi Demonmal,

This issue you describe affects certain android device models and has been fixed in 2.00.10/2.01.02 - you will have to update to one of those versions or later to resolve the issue.

Thank you! Could you say where I can read about FMOD updates changes?

You can find the revision history here: