Audio random cut off with multiple sound files playing at once

I don’t know if this problem is on game’s side or on fmod’s side. It only started happening a little while ago, and I made no changes that I am aware of. The title is kind of self-explanatory, but when there’s many sound files are playing at once, fmod or the game seems to take forever to either load or neglect to play them properly. The volume and pitch parameters are also “lazy” and it’s not exactly matching the engine parameters, in the video, it’s somewhat audible where the volume and pitch “jumps” to current value because it was delaying somewhat. I am only a third party developer who is doing this for fun, so I cannot look into the original game (X-Plane 11, fmod version 1.08)'s code to see what’s up. Any tips, pointers, or ideas? Thanks in advance.
here’s a video clip:

sorry, it was the wrong link.

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It is difficult to say without knowing more about what is going on exactly.

Going over the X-Plane examples may help:

Otherwise you may be best off asking the X-Plane developers/forums.

The lazy problem sounds very familiar to a problem I had found in an unreal engine With frame rate

Imagine for example that you’re playing a game where you’re rolling a marble through a maze, Suddenly you want to turn or readjust the plane so fast, that you somehow find the ball falling right through the collider of the floor. What happens at that point is that the Motion of the input is happening so fast that the game itself at its frame rate can’t update the transformer and recognize that it has moved from its previous transform position, so it’s still thought it was in one place when it was already in another.

The video shows the throttle being triggered faster than when a pilot might push it in real time. I would say the end of the problem is not in how the sound adapts to the position of the throttle, but at how fast the throttle can adjust from one rotation/transform position to the next. I don’t know what engine This was made on, but I will look back at the tutorial video I found on something like this and come up with a Explanation of what I’m talking about

sorry for a VERY late response: the throttles may not move as fast IRL, but it did have the same problems when advancing very slowly. it was to exaggerate the effect. i went back and realized i used far too many sound files and it might have been the cause of it. since then, i re-made the sounds from scratch, making sure i don’t have duplicates or whatever, and the problem is gone. sorry about the lack of response again. this was completely my bad, haha.
the cause is likely the game engine not being able to handle as many audio files as i’ve thrown at it. there were some duplicates and such that i shouldn’t have placed and yeah. it’s okay now