Several frame delay when playing "some" sounds

Some sounds (not all) experience a 2 or 3 frame delay before they are played. I am using FMOD_System_SetFileSystem to load data. I under the impression that when using this the data is streamed. I don’t know if it is the load times causing the issue since some large sounds don’t cause a delay but small ones do. It’s perplexing.

I can’t just load the events because I rarely have knowledge of the sounds that will be played at any given time, and it would be a huge burden on memory to load hundreds of anticipated events.

I’m hoping there is something I am doing wrong.

My game is all in cpp and I don’t use Unity Unreal of any other game engine.

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I haven’t been able to reproduce any noticable delays with various sounds in the asyncio example, what version of FMOD are you using?
You can ensure sounds are being streamed in by creating offending sounds with System::createStream instead of createSound. Otherwise, you should be getting “Loading delay exceeded” warnings when running FMOD in logging mode, which might provide some more useufl information.
To run FMOD in logging will need to call Debug_Initialize and link to the logging versions of the libs.