Audio workflow (format changes)

Hello guys! I need help about the audio workflow.
Usually i have all the samples i need on a cloud storage (Soundly) from which i drag them to FMOD Studio when i need. But the audio goes as WAV and i think to myself “is this the ideal format”?
I know that in terms of quality yes it is but i need a lot of samples so maybe i should work with ogg instead of wav. In this case i have to drag the audio file from soundly to reaper just to change its format from wav to ogg and this means that my workflow will be longer. Is there a better solution? Should i keep on wav? There is a way to change the files format on FMOD? I feel that there is something basic that i’m missing here. Please, help me out!

PS: Sorry about my english, not my first language.

In the build options, you’ll find that FMOD will convert the assets to another format (ogg by default), no matter the input format. So it’s absolutely fine to import your assets as wave files, just choose the output format you want in FMOD preferences.