Does Compression and platform encoding change the actual file being used in-game? Or is it just the preview file?

When using the assets tab with the drop down of all the audio, Does Compression and platform encoding settings change the actual file being used in-game? Or it just the preview file?

My reason of asking is that I actually want to have all the files compressed to ogg.
It would save me time in my DAW…

I use Nuendo, but exporting selected events in Nuendo only exports .wav unfortunately (unless I do the old-school, longer route of exporting per-track, which requires everything to always be in line with the “locator markers”).

Im trying to figure out a work-around that is quick.

It changes the actual file used in-game.

It doesn’t change the source audio files that appear in your assets browser.

It may or may not affect the format of the assets used for auditioning in FMOD Studio, depending on whether you have “audition with compression” mode enabled. As its name suggests, “audition with compression” mode lets you audition what your events and assets will sound like if subjected to the selected compression and encoding settings. Even with this mode turned on, however, the format of the files in your project’s assets directory does not change.

The encoding format of your source audio files has no effect on the encoding format of the final product. Most FMOD Studio users therefore prefer to work with lossless formats, including .wav.

While FMOD Studio does support Vorbis encoding, it uses a proprietary container format instead of the .ogg container format, for optimization reasons. As such, it is possible to select Vorbis encoding for your bank files, but not the .ogg container format.

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