Help saving FMOD materials as WAV, MP3, etc

Hello! I recently downloaded FMOD Studio, and I have been experimenting with it over the past few days. I am an experienced musician developing my skills in electronic music, and with that in mind I downloaded FMOD Studio. I found the mixing controls to be wonderful, and I successfully edited a song of mine- reduced gain, added a reverb, etc. However, I encountered difficulties in that I could find no way to export the song from FMOD Studio to a WAV, MP3, or anything else.

I realized soon after that I may have misinterpreted FMOD’s purpose for sound mixing, and that the program seems to have been built with the intention to organize music for video game projects as a whole, and less for creating game-like tracks. However, the sound mixing tools struck me as powerful and robust, and it seemed odd that songs, sound effects, and the like could not be mixed in FMOD, and then exported for use in Flash games, RPG maker projects, and other video game formats that use WAV and MP3 and other similar formats.

Most sound editing programs I’ve used have an Export button that permits such exporting, or permit me to “Save As” different music formats. FMOD has no such option that I have found, and I’ve only seen the “Build” tool export data in the form of a .bank or a .fobj file. I have no idea what I can do with any of those file types.

Ultimately, despite my best efforts at finding resources elsewhere on the internet, I don’t know if I’m exporting these files correctly, or if there’s simply no way to do what I wish to do. So I ask you: Is it possible to do this? Is it possible to either export in MP3 or WAV format directly from FMOD, or to convert one of the file types I “build” or export? And if FMOD is not suited to the task, what other programs have similar sound mixing capabilities that can you recommend to me?

I appreciate whatever advice you can give me. I am entirely befuddled and out of ideas.

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Hi discopirate,
You’re right - FMOD Studio is build to output interactive content, not static content. A game would load this data and play it back in realtime.
We don’t have plans to export in the near term, because it causes issues for our pro DSP plugin partners, but we have talked about a special version of FMOD Studio for content creators , that allows exporting.
Right now it is probably possible to write a plugin and put it on the master bus, that does wav writing for example. But someone would have to write that.

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I see. That’s disappointing to hear, but I suppose I understand their perspective. For what it’s worth, as a content creator, I would eagerly anticipate the release of such a version of FMOD if it ever came into being. Thanks for your help.

Best wishes,

… or disable exporting if any of the 3rd-party Pro DSP plugins are being used in the project?

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That sounds like a good solution. I hope they use it.