AudioLink Usage for MetaSounds Issue


I’ve managed to design a completely procedural fire sound on metasounds. And I want to bring it to FMOD for attenuation curve and snapshot coverage for the concerned level. I’ve read the documentation and tried different combinations and nothing seems to play 3D audio. It is always 2D or no audio.

Could anyone take a look and tell me what the exact steps it is to execute this?

Basically play a metasound source through FMOD and that FMOD event have spatialisation and attenuation and snapshot information. Is this possible?


There is an issue in the Audio link docs.

Please make sure that Enable Spatialization is allowed in the Attenuation Settings:


Apologies for the confusion.

Hi Connor,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately it still hasn’t helped with making it 3D audio. It is still 2D. The only way I managed to make it 3D is making a blueprint and attaching an FMOD audiolink on the blueprint and triggering it with blueprint codes. But then the problem is that there are erratic distortions in the audio.

Do you know what I’m missing?

Upon further investigation, I found that the distortion was from turning on the ‘Async’ option of the Program instrument in FMOD. Turning it off did the trick. But the quality of the audio is still questionable. Hopefully FMOD will figure this out soon.

I’ve made a video of how I was able to use spatialization in MetaSounds using FMOD.

How to use FMOD - AudioLink (MetaSounds)

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I can see an issue with disabling Async. If the programmer instrument is shorter than the Meta Sound and the looping region starts again this may cause unexpected behavior.

I noticed in the video that Enable Spatialization was still false, did you disable this again during your testing?

Thank you for the video.

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Hi Connor,

But having the Async on, is causing distortion at regular intervals.

Unfortunately, the spatialization parameter did not do anything for me. I used FMOD’s spatialization and it worked. I can’t say that the audio quality after running through AudioLink is the best, but it’s good enough.


Would it be possible to get a copy of your project or a stripped-down version displaying the issue uploaded to your profile? Please note you must register a project with us before uploading files. There should not be a decrease in quality when using Audiolink.