Distance attenuation problems

(Malin Arvidsson) #1

I’m having some issues with some of my sounds not attenuating properly in our game. We’re using fmod studio and the latest beta version of unity and I have the oculus sdk set up on many of the sounds. On some sounds it works and on some it doesn’t. With the sounds it doesn’t work I’ve tried both the oculus sdk, the fmod spatializer, the distance parameter and none of them work. And this is on sounds that used to work previously. Has anyone come across this problem before? I’m not sure exactly when they stopped working as the game got busier and busier. It could be when upgrading to the latest unity version or just when we started getting more and more enemies playing. I’ve also tried to instance limit a lot of the sounds so there’s not too much playing at once. I feel like I’m running out of things to test now.

(リチャード清水) #2

Hi Malin,

It is very odd that attenuation only works sometimes.

If this is happening with different spatializers, it may be your game’s code that is not setting or updating the 3D attributes correctly. Could you please provide the following information:

  1. Which version of FMOD Studio are you using?
  2. Do you see any errors in the output of your game engine?
  3. Can you record an FMOD Studio profiler session when this issue is happening? If so, please package this up and send it off to support@fmod.com making note of this Q&A


(Malin Arvidsson) #3

Hi Richard, You’re right it was our game code. Our lead coder had changed something in the game recently that made all our enemy sounds spawn from the player instead of the enemies.
Thanks for the reply!

(リチャード清水) #4

No problem, Malin. Happy to help anytime.