AudioLink with FMOD Spatialization?


I just found out about AudioLink and I wanted to try it out for Dialog and Localization. Since Unreal has this elaborated Speaker/Loca/Subtitle/Dialogue-Setup I thought I’d use that to manage my Content and run the Sound through FMOD to let it do the spatialization.

I got the AudioLink component to work. But right now, it always plays in the origin of the scene and ignores the placement of the Link-Component.

What I’m trying to achieve is a Scene with Characters talking at different locations and also send those too far away to a radio-bus. The setup in FMOD is there and working. Now I’d like to get it going with Link.

How does Link work under the Hood? Does it spawn one Instance of the Default-Link-Event per SoundWave, so I can basically do Spatialization and Mixing as I’m used to in FMOD. Or does the entire Mix get sent to FMOD and I need to recreate attenuations and Mixing in Unreal so it blends with the rest of my Audio?


This sounds like the kind of scenario that AudioLink was designed for, begin able to use a system in Unreal but still have the audio play through a third party with the rest of your audio.

First of all, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out our documentation for our AudioLink integration.

The audio data that is sent to FMOD through AudioLink is all before spatialization is calculated, so you will need to handle this in your FMOD Studio Event.

Well both are possible, depending the type of link used (see What Can AudioLink Transmit?).

Basically you can choose to send an entire submix or individual SoundWaves/MetaSounds, depending on how they are routed in Unreal and the point where you choose to send them to AudioLink from.