FMOD VOICE CHAT, Audio Link Possible ??

So our team has been trying to nail down piping the voice chat through FMOD for months and it seems like there’s a whole bunch of problems and without having a dedicated Tech Audio guy, we’re not going to be able to do the normal way.

I’ve just recently stumbled upon Audio link and was wondering if anyone had any experience with that and if it might be a viable option for sending voice chat through FMOD if we can get it from unreal’s built in voip or through a plugin?

If so, how would we even begin to go about it ? So far we’ve tried setting Enable Audio Link on the attenuation settings for the Voice Chat that we’re currently using, which is being used by unreal’s audio system.

Then we have an event with a looping programmer instrument that starts as a component in on our character and is just constantly playing. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem like the direction to go because there’s obviously no sound coming out of the Fmod Component. Any ideas here or if this is even worth pursuing would be much appreciated.

Make sure to read over our documentation for AudioLink if you haven’t already.

When you Enable Audio Link on the attenuation settings you will assign an FMOD Event to use, either in the AudioLink Settings Override or the AudioLink Settings default. This means you don’t need to create an FMODAudioComponent as the AudioLink integration will handle that for you when using the Attenuation Settings method.