AudioWeather installation?

I have the AudioWeather plugin available for download after emailing support, but I’m confused as to how I’m actually supposed to access the full version within FMOD, i.e. where to place the contents of the downloaded zip file. I tried placing it within the Plugins folder located in my project folder, but it seems I can still only access the trial version. How do I go about installing the full version of this plugin?

The version in FMOD Studio tool -is- the full version.

The libs you got would be for your runtime. You have to load them with System::registerPlugin function. The plugin libs usually come with a header which lets you get the FMOD_DSP_DESCRIPTION that registerPlugin is after

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Sorry I’m not very experienced with FMOD, what would I be loading them with? I want to be able to use the plugin in a Unity project.

For unity, put the dll version of audioweather in the unity plugins folder, and the integration should take care of loading it.