Automate FMOD group/VCA's?

FYI stuck at FMOD version 1.2.+ for this project. 1.3 and above do not transfer properly.

I just need to control these things. I figured there would be an easy way to control the volume of a group or VCA from within FMOD or Unity 4.3.4, but so far all attempts have failed. Before I bury myself deeper I thought I would ask if it is even possible for me to do this. If it is, would someone please point me in the correct direction?

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I’m not clear on what you’re trying to do; Are you trying to control the volumes of buses and VCAs in the tool, during live update, or in game code? If you’re trying to do it through the tool or during live update, then you can adjust Bus and VCA fader levels in a Mixer window; How to do it in game code is covered in our programmer’s API documentation.

Thanks, I will look into it deeper.