How to change the master volume

One question we have been asked is how to change the overall master volume when using FMOD and the UE4 integration.

The simplest way to change the volume for a set of sounds is to set the bus volume. If you route all your sounds into a bus then setting that volume will change the overall volume of the game.

You can do this by blueprint, using the BusSetFaderLevel function. The bus should be listed in the content window so you can select the bus easily via the UI.

By routing into a few major buses, you can easily change just the music, or just the SFX.


Thanks! My team just got around to making the options menu. Since we couldn’t find a way to use VCAs in UE4.11, we used the buses instead as described above.

Still, based on the descriptions of VCAs in the FMOD User Manual and the Sound Librarian’s FMOD 101 Course, I expected to be using the VCAs in order to control the volume of audio groups (sfx, music, master) in the game’s menu. The VCA’s I’ve set up in FMOD Studio (1.08.03) show up in UE’s content browser but I haven’t found a way yet to manipulate them in UE. Is there a way to control VCAs in UE4.11?

That’s a very good point, I forgot to expose VCA to Blueprint. The next patch release will have a VCASetFaderLevel function. Using VCA to control volume is an equally good way to do it.


That’s great–thanks!

Hi. I would also like to know the same thing but for unity. Is there a way to change vca volume via c# scripting in unity?

Ajustar el Audio General en Unreal Engine 4 con FMOD - YouTube

this video can be of help