Automation of Stereo Ambience, depending on player position

Hi, I’m just keen for some thoughts on this.

So there’s a large outdoor area in-game where several ambient elements will vary in intensity depending on where the player is. In some areas the wind (for example) is very strong, and soft in others.

I have a parameter in FMOD which lowers the volume and cuts off the high end of the wind, but how do I translate that to some kind of like, “hearable area” in the Unity scene? (EDIT: I just learnt this is called a trigger volume)

I don’t want to place the wind event in the scene where i want it to be heard, because I want to keep it stereo, on the camera/players ears, rather than it being a mono, directional object.

And if it’s possible, that means I could arrange a lot more ambience other than just wind, into one event, then control what is heard with parameters as you walk around, rather than having several events for the one scene.

Really keen for advice

Thanks as always in advance

It sounds like you want to have the wind as a 2D Sound, so that it’s not like you are getting closer to or further away from the wind, and it is instead just all around the player without any directivity. To achieve this in FMOD Studio you just need to remove the Spatializer effect from the event.
Please let me know if that’s not quite what your after and I’ll see what other options there are.

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