Design thoughts - dungeon winds


Ideas for winds that have specific origin points in a cave system. For this idea, the same event instance is triggered & re-triggered so each has a direction the player moves towards/away.
Is there a better way of doing this? Use parameters to control the spatialization instead?

The wind points could be just 3D positioned sounds that have distance attenuation. This way their volume depends on how close you are to them and you don’t hear them doing a fade-in when you cross a trigger. They can be always playing, and if you want to limit the instances just set them to Virtualize so that, say, only the 2 closest ones play.

You can also try randomizing the Seek / Offset of the looping sample so that it always starts at a different point within the sample.

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Thanks Skaven!
Great suggestions, I will explore them. Yes, I usually use offset random but the loop was just for testing and it’s too poorly looped for any modulation to really work.