Automation of Transceiver channel

Hello, is there a simple way to add automation to Channel on Transceiver?
I was unable to do so (FMOD Studio 2.02.07) and had to create a huge structure with 32 transceivers where I automate the Level parameter.
Thank you


Unfortunately, FMOD Studio doesn’t support changing routing on-the-fly in any context. So you can’t automate the Channel on a Transceiver. Could you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve by using Transceivers?

Hello, thank for the reply.
I need to have an event playing in the scene from multiple points. I cant just play multiple event emitters since I am doing randomization and i need the exact same sound coming from all of them.
I need this to be semi-systemic in the game so we dont have to set up every single event and create a set of receivers for it.

Unfrotunately I think you have found the only way to achieve this using just FMOD Studio. If scripting is an option then randomizing the event inside a script and then playing it in multiple locations would be simpler.