New Transceiver plugin

It looks like a fantastic plugins has been added to FMOD Studio, but I can’t find any documentation of its correct use.

I’m talking about “Transceiver”. If I understand well, it can route audio signal from an event to another event, making possible to create “virtual speakers”, for example a multitrack streaming event can be spread feeding different audio sources (routed to several 3D events placed around in the game map/scene). This is amazing for localized ambience and reverbs into VR applications.

If this is correct, how the emission start/stop is controlled?
Both event has to be playing or is enough to trigger play the “sender” to have all the “receiver” start playing in their 3D position?
Or as opposite does “receiver” need also to start/stop playing in order to mute/unmute the “virtual speaker”?

Thank you for your answer

Gianni Ricciardi

Hi Gianni,
Apologies for docs, more are forthcoming in the near future.

The ‘receiver’ is always receiving, and therefore always playing something, even if it is silence.

As soon as sender events start feeding into it, the receiver will start playing sound.
If multiple senders send to the same ‘channel’ (ie like a radio station) then it will mix all of those signals for the receiver to receive.

Transceiver channels are global, and there are 32 of them, so there is no stopping or starting necessary , you just need to start feeding data into the channels.

You don’t need to put a transceiver on every event to make it send to a tranceiver channel. You could put one transceiver in send mode, on a group bus, and route your source events into that group bus. That would consume less memory and CPU time.

This is the typical use case. 1 group bus takes the signals from many events (ie reverb) then it transmits to ch0 say. Then you can have multiple events playing in different 3d positions around the world, receiving from ch0, so that means you could have the reverb signal placed around you in multiple positions in 3d thanks to this effect.


I see, thanks Brett for your answer

I think this is the most useful plugin ever made in an Audio Engine, its potential in spatialization field is tremendous!


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The transceiver plugin sounds amazing.

How do I go about creating a global bus?
I need the global bus to have a transceiver set to “receive”
I’m not sure how to create a global bus.

I figured out how to create an event with a “receive” transceiver.
Also, I would like to record audio real-time in Unreal so that the “receive” transmitter gets it.