FMOD event played through multiple sources?


I am curious as to ways to broadcast an FMOD event to multiple sound sources. For example, a radio event played on multiple emitters throughout a level. It is necessary to keep the events in sync and maintain the same multisound playlist behavior.

I was hoping to be able to use an Event Instance reference as a variable to “play” on other actors. It does not look like this is possible.

What is the best way to handle this in Unreal + FMOD?

Let me know.

You could do what you describe by using sends or transceiver effects.

A send sends a duplicate of the signal as it exists at its position in the signal chain to a return track in the same event or a return bus elsewhere in the project.

A transceiver effect sends a duplicate of the signal as it exists at its position in the signal chain to other transceiver effects elsewhere in the project. They’re more versatile than sends, but also slightly trickier to use.

For your radio events, I personally would create a single 2D event with a transceiver set to transmit to be your “radio broadcaster,” and make each individual “radio” a 3D event with a transceiver set to receive… But there’s other ways you could achieve the same thing.

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Hello Joseph,

Thank you, I will try out this method.

I couldn’t find any information about the “Transceiver” effect in the FMOD manual - only in older release notes. Are there any plans to update the manual? I believe it’s still on 1.08.08.

It appears that the transceiver/receiver method does not work with FMOD ambient sounds. I’m assuming the receiver component’s “Auto-Activate” happens too early?

There is no inherent distinction between ambient sounds and other events that would cause them to behave differently with respect to the transceiver effect. Also, what do you mean by “Auto-Activate?”

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We are currently working on an updated and improved version of the FMOD Studio user manual. It’s getting close to completion, and will be released alongside an upcoming version of FMOD Studio.

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“Auto-Activate” is a property of UE4 components. FMOD ambient sounds use this, I had only got the correct transceiver behavior when manually triggering the receiver modules. I could not get them to work on begin play.

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Is it only the events with transceivers and set to Auto-Activate that are failing to play? Or are all events that use Auto-Activate failing to begin?

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