Bank Building - Parameter Error

Working on a new project and event. I saved the project and built the bank. Then when I went to add audio to the Event and save the bank I started getting this error:

“Failed to encode bank “Master Bank” due the following error: invalid parameter passed to this function”

I tried creating a new event and bank, but get the same error with the new bank name.

Any idea what’s causing this?

Thanks for any and all help.

Glenn K.

Are you using the same audio file(s) in both attempts at making the project? Or different audio files?

If it’s the same files, they might be the problem. Try using a different set of assets.

If you’re using different files, the issue might be the location you’re trying to save or build the project to. Check that you have write permissions for that location, and that the location isn’t subject to source control or synchronized to a cloud-based file upload service such as Dropbox.

Thanks, Joseph.

It’s looking like it’s at least one of the assets. I went through a process of elimination and that seems to be the trigger. If I delete that asset from the track the bank(s) build as expected.

Thanks again.

It’s strange that this would happen. Are you able to send us a copy of the afflicted asset?