Master bank build error

I cant build in 2.xx.xx versions. I delete IR reverb files and DSP plugin coz migrating create +20 IR file from the one i use it. (migrated IR folder) Dont know why… so after build error i think this is the pőroblem. But not. Then delete the distance filter form the events ive used earlier. But build still wont work at all… Uninstall all Fmod , restart, then install 2.00.04. Still wont work.

This project is working 3 years now so its not folder permission problems and so on… thank you for your help.

After migrating the project from 1.10.14
Heres what the log says:

! 13:14:05 “FMOD_ERROR (28): An error occurred that wasn’t supposed to. Contact support.”
! 13:14:05 “FMOD_ERROR c:\jk\workspace\Build__2.0__Studio_Win\studio\src\Model\Bank.cpp(171): modelBuilder.builder()->writeToStream(&stream, bankVersion, exportFlags)”

2019-09-17-13-09-41_log.txt (76.7 KB)

The error you’re seeing is most likely due to having preset parameters with the same name in the same folder.

Check the parameters browser for such preset parameters. If you find some, rename or move them such that no two preset parameters with the same name are in the same location.

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