Basic Playback Functionality


I’ve just downloaded FMOD Studio and I’ve noticed a major difference with my version. Other people seem to have the ability to load samples, press play, and have the region of audio immediately under the cursor (or where the RPM knob is turned to) loop infinitely, without the sample itself start from the beginning and play through to the end. I’m trying to design engine sounds and so far all I get is a bunch of samples bleeding into each other - but I can hear the properly effected audio underneath the samples that are playing too long. What am I doing wrong?


Hi James,

The pause button was introduced in version 1.10. It acts the same way as if you were to press the Stop button once in previous version. The Stop button now acts the same way as if you were to click and hold the Stop button in previous versions (non-immediate stop).

Assuming that these are instruments on the RPM game parameter, you will need to ensure that both the loop and cut functions are enabled on each instrument. Loop will loop the instrument for as long as it is triggered (re: the RPM parameter cursor is on top of it) and the cut function will inform the instrument to stop playing once untriggered (re: stop playing once the cursor is no longer touching it).

Select the instrument and click on the “Cut” button and the looping symbol button in the deck.

If you’re designing an engine, have a play around with the autopitch modulator on the pitch property of the instruments on the RPM parameter. Take a look at the Basic Engine and Car Engine events in the Examples project for examples of this.



Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I am still unable to do what I am seeing here:

Here, the cursor line does not play through the whole blue box of the sample when it touches it, and instead can be dragged through it to trigger the variations in RPM and Load.

When I try to use the engine designer, hitting play triggers the first sample, which plays all the way through and then loops. Whenever the cursor from the engine designer touches a blue box, it plays all the way through while the actual, smoothly processed audio plays underneath. What do I need to do?


Hi James,

Did you set the instruments to Cut?

It’s difficult to say what’s happening within your event without seeing it, and building a vehicle event is a little tricky. Could you follow this community created tutorial and let me know if you are still having trouble?

It is the same result but using multiple tracks rather than one.



Yes, I have tried the online tutorials.

When he clicks the play button, his samples do not play from start to finish, he is able to drag the mouse back and forth to change the RPM setting, which changes the pitch and smoothly fades into the next, and that is all you hear.

When I click the play button, a line moves through my samples as they play from start to finish, and then they loop. It does not seem to be infinitely looping whatever audio is under the RPM line, as it is in other videos. I get a mess of stacked up, looping audio.


Hi James,

Perhaps there’s some confusion - in both tutorials the samples do play from start to finish but are demonstrated in version 1.08. In version 1.09 and later the waveform of the sample is displayed within the instruments.

Could you upload a screenshot of your event, including selecting one of your instruments to display its properties in the deck?