Audio Tracks Auto-Muting

When playing tracks in FMOD Studio, they completely mute for a few seconds near the end before looping, but the playhead continues to move.

Do you have a video of this happening? This doesn’t sound like expected behaviour.

Yes, here’s a link to a recording of the behavior.

I can’t really tell much from the video sorry. When you select your instrument do you have it set to loop infinitely? Do you have any offset (or random modulator placed on the offset) enabled?

It is set to loop infinitely. There are no offsets or random modulators enabled. It’s simply a 2D event created with a single wave file.

Unfortunately I’m a bit stumped what could be going on with it.

Would you be able to send a copy of this event with the audio files to Copy the event to a new blank project and ensure you’re seeing the same behaviour before zipping the project up.

Sure, any preferred naming conventions for the email? Like should I add a reference to this forum post?

If you send it with attention to Richard and mention/link this Q&A then it will get to me easily, thanks.

I think I’m gonna close this thread. After copying the event into a new project, the part that blanks out doesn’t have any visual wave data (it’s a straight line on the new event at the time it cuts out in the old one). I don’t know how this managed to happen, and I don’t quite understand what’s causing it; but it doesn’t look like an issue that’s worth bothering anyone over anymore, as I don’t find it likely that the issue will be reproduced in the future.