Clicks when looping

I am working with FMOD STUDIO 2.00.07 on creating sound mods for American Truck Simulator.
I have click and pos when looping in game but not in the studio.
I have try many audio format (wav, ogg) and i have the same result.Are there special audio settings to avoid this phenomenon ?.
The default sounds created by SCS Software the editor do not have this problem. What i am missing?
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This may be something to do with how you have set up the event to loop. Can you show how this event is set up? Can your sample loop seamlessly through other software?

Thank for the reply .
All the samples are read seamlessly in my DAW audacity.

The logic tracks of the events are link to a loop region .
This loop region has as transition conditions a parameter call PLAY :

PLAY paramreters:
RAnge: 0 to 1,
Initial Value; 0
PArameter scope: Local
Additional options: Exposed recursively via event isntruments

The Loop instrument parameter is ON for all the samples in the logic tracks.
Thoses “click” appear when there is quick pitch shifting and It seems the more the samples overlap the more the click appear.

I found where the problem was. I had not selected the “CUT” option for each samples . Thank you for your time.

Hey argarwen. What is the CUT option and what does it do?

Hi that means like showed on the picture, that a sample is not played when not triggered whith the option set on ON ,otherwise it is played continuously even if it is not audible