Bluetooth SCO support


I am trying to make a voip app in Unity, and I need to use fmod’s core api for audio input. And its going great and everything seems to work as it should. Except for bluetooth headsets, when I connect via bluetooth, I cannot hear from the bluetooth microphone (Currently I am not switching at runtime, but bluetooth is already connected at application start). The audio output works fine, but no audio input. The platform is Android/iOS/Windows for now. I did some research and found that bluetooth works on either A2DP sink mode or SCO mode (the one used for calls). I am only seeing one audio input “Android core output” on Android and “Core audio input” on iOS. My question is does fmod have inbuilt support for using bluetooth microphone devices (just like a call). Or is it possible that I am using the API wrong and I need to look into that. If its the latter one, can I get some examples related to the use?

I would really appreciate any help on the topic.

I have reproduced this issue as you have described, finding that only one input device, the internal microphone, is being reported when a bluetooth headset is connected.
It seems that Bluetooth input is something we have avoided historically due to latency issues, though there have been previous cases of getting bluetooth headsets working by setting the audio manager to MODE_IN_COMMUNICATION. I couldn’t get that working, but it might be a good place to start looking. Otherwise, I have passed this on to the Dev team to investigate supporting bluetooth input devices in the future.