Bug? I can't shift select or drag assets, have to restart

Has anyone else experienced this? When trying to drag assets, if at any point I press shift to select multiple assets, I can then no longer drag, even after shift is lifted. Only work around is to restart FMOD and drag one at a time.

I found this old post that describes whats going on, this is identical to what I’m experiencing but I’m not on a windows machine and I don’t have Synergy (KVM software) like this other person.

I’m on a mac, 10.14, and have tried FMOD 1.10 and 2.0 (same issue across both). I have no supplemental software installed that should be causing this problem. Drag and drop functionality is fine in all other programs.

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I have not been able to reproduce this issue here, which suggests your machine must differ from the ones I’m testing with. Does this issue occur on other machines, or just the one? If it occurs on multiple machines, is there something they all have in common? If it occurs on just one machine, is there anything about that machine that seems unusual?

Hi Joseph, thanks for the reply.
I haven’t tested it on another machine yet, I think (especially since this doesn’t seem to be a common issue) the best assumption should be that it’s just my machine. But I don’t have any hotkey type software on the computer and no other programs are effected. Nothing unusual about the computer as far as I know, bought it new from Apple 5 months ago and I use it exclusively as a workstation. Is there anything you might suggest I try?

Thanks so much!

MacOS includes a number of built-in accessibility features known to cause odd behavior in Studio in some circumstances; I haven’t been able to find a combination of settings that reproduces your particular issue, but it might be worth checking if you have any accessibility options enabled, just in case. You’ll find the accessibility icon in your system settings.

Other than that, all I can suggest is trying this issue an another Macintosh computer, and seeing if the issue appears there as well.

Gotcha. No luck on my end either… nothing weird going on in accessibility, tried a couple different keyboards too (wired vs wireless). maybe this computer just isn’t destined to run FMOD. Thanks for digging into this for me!

We’ve discovered this issue only affects computers running MacOS versions 10.14.3 and earlier. (As far as we can tell, this issue was introduced in Mojave.) If you update to MacOS version 10.14.4 or later, you should be able to drag multiple assets without a problem.

I updated from 10.14.3 to 10.14.5 and it worked! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help Joseph!

Hi Joseph, I am on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) with FMOD 2.0 . I am having the exact same issue with amosroddy. If I hold shift to select multiple soundtracks, I can’t drag them to a track anymore.

Thanks for the bug report. It looks like MacOS 10.15 reintroduced this problem. We’ll investigate it, and will submit a bug report to Apple if we discover it is the same issue again.

Hi, I’m having this exact issue and have just updated to MacOS Catalina (10.15.1) and am running FMOD 2.00.06. Restarting does not provide a solution and I can no longer drag any audio assets into my project.
I’m totally new to FMOD, is there no other way to add audio assets to the timeline as a work around until the bug is fixed?

I’m seeing the same issue on Catalina. Dragging the assets from Finder is a viable workaround in the meantime.

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Unfortunately, this issue is caused by a bug in MacOS that affects all Qt-based applications. We can only wait for Apple to release a macOS patch that fixes the bug.

In the mean time, you can work around the issue by dragging your assets from a Finder window, as mrmiller suggested.

Thank you very much for your help and providing a work around :slight_smile:
Hopefully Apple can patch this soon.

FYI, just installed macOS Catalina 10.15.3 and it seems to be working now.

I’ve been having this problem as well. I just updated to macOS Catalina 10.15.3 but unfortunately am still getting the problem. Here’s a synopsis:

-I’m using a new Macbook Pro 16 inch laptop, Catalina 10.15.3, FMOD 2.00.07
-I’m able to drag a single file from the audio bin into an FMOD event without issue.
-If I shift-click to select multiple files from the audio bin, I can’t drag those files into an event.
-Attempting and failing to do the above will now prevent me from dragging anything at all in FMOD. I can no longer drag single audio files from the audio bin into an event, I can’t drag an event from one folder to another, and so on. Restarting FMOD fixes this.
-Interestingly, I don’t get this issue on the same computer, using an older version of FMOD that I tested (1.10.10), even though Amos (the OP) encountered this issue on 1.10.
-I don’t use Synergy but I do use Razer Synapse and Logitech G Hub to control a mouse and another peripheral. However, I still encounter the issue if I don’t have these peripherals plugged in.
-I don’t encounter the issue when using the same version of FMOD (2.00.07) on my older computer (macOS 10.11.6). This older computer also has Razer Synapse and Logitech G Hub installed, so I don’t think those programs are the issue.

Unfortunately, it’s quite an annoying issue because it means you have to drag all your audio files one at a time. It also makes it very difficult to organize the audio bin in any way since you have to drag one file at a time into your folders there.

Let me know if it would be helpful to email you a video of this issue. Thanks!

The fact that you’re still getting the behavior on a machine running MacOS version 10.15.3 is surprising. There must be something else at play, here.

Could you please send us screenshots of the “About this Mac” dialog for your machine? There must be some difference between it and other Macintoshes running 10.15.3 that is causing this difference in behavior.

Thanks for sending us the screenshot via e-mail.

We’re still not certain why this issue is affecting some machines running MacOS 10.15.3 and not others, but we’ll continue to investigate.

In any case, the situation remains the same: This issue was introduced in a recent MacOS version, and affects all Qt-based applications running on that and more recent versions of MacOS. The issue has been reported to Apple, who will hopefully release a new patch version of MacOS that fixes the issue in the near future.

Was there any patches or progress since the last comment was posted 11 month ago? I just updated macOS to 10.15.7 and then encountered the exactly same issue cragb reported above. I’m still using Fmod 1.10.20 because our project is not ready to upgrade the audio engine yet.

Yes. This issue was fixed ten months ago, in FMOD Studio version 2.00.08.

Thank you Joseph. Our project hasn’t been ready to upgrade Fmod yet, but that’s good to hear. Looking forward to upgrading it!