Bug importing old designer projects

Had a small issue, if the name contained an illegal character for a filename, in my case, an ‘&’ it would fail to save with an error about bad permissions.

Furthermore I couldn’t rename it in studio, I had to rename it in designer and re import, perhaps the renaming is linked to the file somehow in studio.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this. On what operating system is ‘&’ an illegal character?

Hmm I guess I just assumed that was OS related but you are correct that should be a valid filename character.

It did complain about two event names with ampersands and would only save once I renamed them in designer, but perhaps it was the act of re saving which somehow fixed it.

Ok, I can repro this, it wasn’t the ‘&’ character, it was the / character.

I suspect you must have created that project using an old version of Designer, as recent versions disallow the use of the ‘/’ character in event names.

Or possibly you’re referring to a ‘’ character? It does result in the kind of bad permissions message that you’ve described, largely because each event gets its own File in Studio projects instead of being part of the project file. (Incidentally, we’re working on a fix for this issue: Soon, Studio will automatically scan imported Designer projects for event names with ‘’ characters and will substitute in less problematic separators.)