Event renaming issue

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I’m having an issue with renaming of event while building (or unpacking?) banks. In our weapon system several audio instances (such as gunshots, reloading, handling) are named similarly for different types of guns with upper case, ie ‘event:/guns/pistol/imi_desert_eagle/ShotSubS’ (or …/BoltOpen, or …/TriggerPull, etc). Yes, I understand that the upper case is not the best idea and we plan to rename all the events properly (like “shot_sup_s” instead of ShotSubS), however everything worked fine until we missed one audio event (“the sound ‘guns/launch/gp_25/ShotSupS’ not found”). It appeared that the FMOD/API/engine (or something else?) somehow renamed it to guns/launch/gp_25/shotSupS with the lower case letter “s”, so the event with lower “s” could be played and the one with the upper “s” is missed. The FMOD version is 2.01.07, the API version is 2.01.05. May the difference in versions of API and Studio be the cause of missing /renaming event? Or there is another problem?

This could be due to a discrepancy between the project and the built banks. The FMOD Studio API is not case sensitive when it comes to event paths, so it is possible that the event has not been assigned and built into the banks.

Thanks for reply! Actually, the event was named as I wrote before, with the upper case letter. And I intentionally re-created the event with the same name, however, it caused the same issue.

I’ve tried to recreate the issue on my machine but no such luck. Naming and renaming events guns/launch/gp_25/ShotSupS, guns/launch/gp_25/shotSupS, and guns/launch/gp_25/shot_sup_s are all found by the system.

Can you confirm you are building the banks after the change, that no errors are being printed to the console (Window > Console > Logging) when building, and that those banks are correctly placed in the directory FMOD is loading banks from?

Yes, I’ve built the banks after every change and the banks are placed in the same directory as the project itself and the folder with all source audio files. The main problem is that I named the event guns/launch/gp_25/ShotSupS within FMOD project but after building the banks this event was somehow renamed toguns/launch/gp_25/shotSupS and can’t be found by the engine.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this issue but not having much luck. Are you able to share your project with me? You can export the project via File > Package Project. You don’t need to include the assets and you can share with me via DM for privacy reasons.

Sent you DM

Thanks for sending your project over.

The issue is a rare but difficult issue to fix. The issue is due to the internal data structure used to minimize memory usage. Without getting overly technical, there are instances where events starting with the same character but different casing (eg. ShotSupS and sight_assembly_click) can cause a discrepancy between the project and built banks.

Please change the event sight_assembly_click to Sight_assembly_click and you should see the event renaming issue go away.

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Thanks, Richard! That has solved the problem!