BUG - transition region with transition timeline produce SILENCE at end of loop

fmod in version has a serious bug regarding transition markers in combination with loops and transition timelines

to reproduce:

  1. make new event, add some sort of music (set tempo correct with marker)
  2. add an loop region over some part
  3. make destination marker at some other (later) part
  4. add transition region that has same length as created loop (note that loop does not necessarily have to be same length as transition region to marker, error will also occur if loop region is shorter than transition marker)
  5. add a transition timeline with condition for any param to hit e.g. 1, extend source to reach destination in transition timeline
  6. set transition marker to check every beat (or any other time intervall)
  7. play music, when in the last beat of loop (if set to check every beat), set param to 1
  8. NOTICE that music will go silent before going to transition timeline

is it me doing smth wrong or is this really just broken?

Thanks for the bug report. A fix for this issue has been developed, and will be included in FMOD Studio version 2.00.07.