[Bug] WebGL - Safari - No Audio in FMOD Docs Example

Hi There,

Currently evaluating FMOD for use in a Unity WebGL project, however the example WebGL FMOD test


Noted in the docs

Doesn’t have any audio in Safari 15.2 (MacOS 12.1)
It does work fine as expected in Chrome

Sadly this would be a blocker for us.

Is this a known issue?



This is a known issue with FMOD 2.02.05 that we are currently working through. 2.01.14 and 2.02.04 are still working fine with Safari so I recommend evaluating with those versions while we resolve this issue.

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Ah great to hear it’s known and being looked at. Apologies for the dupe - to ask a naive question is there a way to search for existing issues outside of the forums (public bug tracker etc?)

We don’t have a public bug tracker unfortunately, we just have the #known-issues section of the forums.
Just an update, I have retested Unity WebGL builds in Safari and everything is working fine with the latest versions- so it seems that the issue I mentioned is not applicable to Unity WebGL, and the lack of sound appears to be problem with the bouncing ball demo.
I have passed this along to the Dev team to fix up. It should be fine to use the latest version of FMOD for WebGL in Safari, but please let us know if you encounter any issues.