Starting FMOD audio from web browser

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if someone would be able to give me some guidance on getting FMOD audio in my Unity project to play on a WebGL build.

I am referencing this page about how user interaction is required to start audio in Chrome and Safari:

The line of code that is used as an example - where would that be placed in your Unity project? Or is that written as part of embedding within your website?


  • Tom

The referenced code goes in your website.

Thanks for your quick response, Andrew.

Whereabouts would I put that code in my website if I am using Wordpress?


  • Tom

Hi Andrew,

I’ve just realised that Wordpress appears to use HTML (still learning, evidently). Is there any way to action that example but in HTML?

The project is embedded on my site, but I’m struggling to get any audio going.

Embed the javascript in your HTML. Check this out to get started :

Thanks for that info.

I added the Javascript into the header of my website. I’m still struggling to get any audio to play from my project, though. I am hosting the Unity project on Is this possibly the issue? Should I be embedding the project directly onto my website in order for it to work?


  • Tom

Yep, that could be the issue. Maybe try reaching out to the community? I’m sure someone else has probably come across the same problem.