Build changed only?

Is there a way to build only the banks that contain data I’ve modified in a project, without having to manually select them in the Banks tab? Being able to hit a hotkey for “Build Only Changed Banks” would be a wonderful time saver. I’m hoping this exists and I just haven’t found it. Thanks!

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There should already be a kind of system in place that uses the cache folder to speed up building. Could you give some more information on the following:

  • Are you using live update?
  • How long does it take to build all your banks with and without a cache?
  • How long does building take with no file changes for the banks?

Hi, are you still experiencing banks building slowly?

I am using live update.

It takes quite a while, but we have a ton of banks in our project. After talking to our audio coder, I think that’s what’s happening here.

Sorry, could you please clarify what “I think that’s what’s happening here” refers to?

Meaning I think our issue is simply the number of banks in our project causing the build to take quite a while, rather than the building of each individual bank being too slow.

Ah, yes. Your programmer is correct, lots of files will take a while to finish compared to fewer larger size banks.