Build only specific Banks

Hi there!

Is it somehow possible to just build a specific bank in FMOD Studio?
Because we are syncing the banks via Google Drive. Therefore we separated events into several banks in order to not sync always the complete sound archive. But now it seems that the app is recreating all banks, even though nothing has changed in them.


Hi Goran,

You can right click on a bank in the banks browser and select “Build”. This will only build that one specific bank.

For more information, please check out the docs:


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I can’t get that to work. All Banks are created no matter what.

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior you describe. When I test, right-clicking on a bank and selecting “Build…” only builds that bank and the master bank. This is the intended and expected behavior.

I must therefore be doing something differently to you. Could you describe in detail how you’re attempting to build a single bank, and what happens when you do?

I’ve been working with FMOD for the past week or so. Building new sounds and banks successfully. I wanted to eliminate some of the material so I simply deleted some FMOD assets & folders in UE and attempted to rebuild just the bank I wanted to work with. Instead all the banks and assets were reimported to UE.
So I tried creating a new project to test building a single bank … but I can’t seem to build anything into this new project. I keep fiddling around with the Build parameters in Preferences but I can’t seem to make any of it work now. Ugg!

Ok. I didn’t create an FMOD folder in the UE project. I was expecting the build to do that for me. Here’s another problem: every time I open a project now with FMOD plugin installed I get this error message: Bank output Directory has not been added to the Additional non-Asset Directories to Copy list. I click on it to try and solve this but it comes back with every new project I create.

This is expected. The list of additional non-asset directories to copy is a project-specific property, and so must be set separately in each project you create. This is because each Unreal Editor project could potentially require a different set of additional directories.