Long loading time for checking out banks when building banks FMOD & Perforce


I recently added our FMOD project to our studios perforce repository, which worked fine. Previously we have used Dropbox for syncing in the audio team but being able to revert changes initiated this process. My issue is that building all banks takes a lot longer than before since FMOD wants to check out the banks before building. Our FMOD project is very big with about 120 banks and several 1000 events. So checking out all the banks before building takes around 10 minutes.

Will unchecking the “Enable source control integration for built banks” box fix this issue? Or should I instead of building all banks every time just build the banks that I have been working on? (Seems like the right answer)

We use an in-house engine and manually copy the built banks from the bank folder to our engine after every build.

I am also wondering about the best practices for a continuously growing game? Is it to create new banks for new events or to update the existing banks? The game is an open world MMORPG and will continue the grow throughout the years so i’m a bit concerned about managing the growth of the project.

Any help is much appreciated.


All information about FMOD Studio and Perforce can be found under FMOD Studio | Using Source Control.

Disabling Source Control for built banks will reduce the size of the repository and will mean they wont have to be checked-out to be updated, this will mean they will need another form of version control unless everyone builds their own.

A purpose of banks is to let you choose which content from your project is loaded at any given time, more information about banks can be found under FMOD Studio | Studio Concepts.

Events should be assigned to banks with other events that will be loaded into memory together. For example a bank that contains a areas events should only have events assigned to it that will get played in that area, otherwise it will consume unnecessary memory. So a new event doesn’t always require a new bank, it well depend on how it is used in the game.

Hope this helps!

Hey Connor!

Thank you for your reply! It helped a lot by excluding banks from source control and thank you for the clarification on how to organise banks. :slight_smile:

All the best!
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