Build creation files generation

hi all
I have a question: when I make a build event (ie: the examples.fspro project) I have these files:

  • Master
  • Master

for the music, sfx, vehicles and vo, is ok, are the banks I have in my project… but the other 2 files??
where are needed?
the guid file, is necessary?

thanks in advance

The master bank is necessary for your game to work. It contains your project’s metadata, routing information, and mixer: All of the group and return buses, signal chains, and snapshots that are required for your project to function. As such, the master bank should be kept loaded at all times.

The file is optional, but still useful. It contains the name, path, and GUID of every event in your project, and allows your game’s code to look up events by name and path. Without it, your game’s code can only look up events by GUID.

For more information about what building produces, see


thanks Joseph! it’s clear… and should possible load a bank from a ‘different’ master? I explain… my game uses mods and each modder should be able to create the own bank for the sounds… but the game loads a master with the ‘main sounds’… that should be added the ‘mods’ sounds…
I’m trying, it loads but no sound heard


For that to work, the master bus needs to have the same GUID in your FMOD Studio project and in your modders’ FMOD Studio projects. Otherwise, the events will not be correctly routed into the master bus when the mod is loaded.

If your modders are creating new versions of existing buses and events, the new versions must have the same GUIDs as the original buses and events.

In addition, when there is more than one version of a bus or event in a project, the version whose bank is loaded first is the one that is used in the game.


ok thanks
and how can I have the same GUID ?

so, basically I need to create a master set with the events skeleton, and the modders bank needs to ‘overwrite’ the empty events…

The easiest way to create a project that contains events and buses with the same GUIDs as the events and buses in your existing project, is to create a copy of your project, and give that copy to modders.

Of course, you should delete any content from the copy that you don’t want modders to have access to (for example, your game’s assets, instruments, and banks). Even if you strip out all the effects, instruments, and other content of an event or bus, that event or bus will retain its GUID as long as the event or bus itself is not deleted.

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