For HotFix use: What datas are in Master.Bank and Master.Strings.Bank?

I am making a project which is possibile to update and modify banks via Hotfix. May I ask that

  1. What datas are included in Master.Bank and Master.Strings.Bank?
  2. Is it possibile put Master.Bank and Master.Strings.Bank in Asset Bundle in order to update them for hotfix desires.
    Thank you very much!

The master bank primarily contains the structure of your FMOD project as a whole, including its mixer, buses, routing, and VCAs. Optionally it can also have events assigned to it, in which case it also contains event sample data and metadata.

The master strings bank contains the name, path, and GUID of every event and bank in the project, and needs to be loaded if you want to look up events by their name or path, instead of just their GUID.

For more information, please read over the Studio documentation on What Build Creates, and the Engine documentation on Bank Layout.

Yes. If you change your bank import type to Asset Bundle, FMOD for Unity will automatically generate bank stub assetsfor all of your banks, including the master and master strings bank, which can then be filled with your bank data at build time. Take a look at our Unity documentation on Asset Bundles and Addressables for more info.