Calling getDriverInfo crashes Unity. No FMOD audio in the Oculus

I cannot seem get the audio to go through the Oculus headset speakers. I have read up on the issue but when I try to set the driver I usually get Unity to crash if I call getDriverInfo(). Using FMOD.Studio.System.create(out sys) seems to get a valid system instance, then I can get access to the low level system using sys.getLowLevelSystem(out fmodLLSys). Everything is valid at that point and survives at least one call to fmodLLSys.getDriverInfo(), but then inevitably crashes Unity. So, I thought I would just see what happens when I just use fmodLLSys.setDriver() and increment an int then test the sounds… It never plays through the OVR speakers… The workaround for this is simply setting the default windows audio output device to be the OVR, but I would like to figure out why, even when incrementing the int myself, do I never get audio out of the OVR?

If anyone has any clues or if there is further information needed please feel free to respond.

Sorry for the delay.

You shouldn’t be creating a new system to use otherwise setDriver will only apply to that system, and not the one made by the RuntimeManager.

Where do you use getDriverInfo()? (eg. Start(), Update()…)
When you call getDriverInfo() are you making sure the System is valid first?
Can you show us the section of code you are using that makes these calls.

I am using it in start, but due to the documentation on the Oculus website, I was creating a new system… I have not tried the fix without creating a new system, but will update this as soon as I do. I was checking to make sure the created system was valid, but I am betting the crash had something to do with using another system.