Can I set a track/instrument to trigger/not trigger dependent on if another track is playing?

I’d like a cello track and a mandolin track to play sometimes at the same time and sometimes on their own (all good so far using probability) but I never want neither track to play as it sounds too empty. Is there a way to set up a trigger condition based on whether another track/instrument is playing?

Apologies if this is obvious but I can’t find the answer in another topic. Any help very gratefully received (I’m pretty new to FMOD).

Hi, the easiest way is probably to set a multi-instrument with 3 entries: cello, mandolin, and a nested event containing both.
But I don’t know if that could work on your project. Post some screenshot of your event if you want some more advice.
Otherwise, you could randomize a parameter which would automate the volume of your both tracks. But since seek speed on volume isn’t implemented yet unfortunately, you’ll need some extra work to manage the transitions (fades), depending on what you want. Tell us how and when do you want those transitions.

No that’s incredibly helpful thank you! I didn’t know if I was missing an obvious trigger condition but your nested track idea totally solves this problem for now. Much appreciated.