Triggering a Multi Instrument


I’m trying to trigger the Multi Instruments in this project based on the event’s parameters. For example, when “Building 1” is “True” I want the “Piano” Multi Instrument to play. However, currently the Multi Instrument triggers regardless of the global playhead’s position resulting in multiple instances of the audio in the playlist.

Is there a way to only trigger a Multi Instrument when the global playhead hits the beginning of it?

I’m relatively new to FMOD so I may not be asking the right kind of question. Hopefully the screenshot demonstrates what I’m trying to accomplish.

If anyone has any advice on how to do this, or an alternative workaround, I’d really appreciate it.


One way to do that is by setting your multi to “async”, uncheck “cut”, and reducing the size of the multi to something really short, almost a point (or less than one bar long, with the 1 bar quantization set). That way, the multi will play (or not, depending on the parameter) only at the point you decided. Does that answers to your question?

Hi, thanks for your quick reply!

I realise that the screenshot is rather unclear. Each Instrument is asynchronous and cut isn’t enabled.

That would work in theory (minimise the chance that the playhead is over the multi instrument) and it does seem to be effective, thank you for the advice.

However, there still may be a chance in game that it will occur which isn’t ideal.

Having said that, this project is more academic in nature and this workaround does the job at least for now.

Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated.

That’s why I also mentionned the possibility to use the quantization, to be absolutely sure it will only be triggered once.