Can I trigger snapshots with a game parameter and no event?

I’m wondering why you can’t just create a snapshot the same name as a game parameter and trigger it without an event? Do you have to use a snapshot event in order to trigger the snapshot? Let’s say for a pause snapshot for example, would that mean you have to either trigger the event either from the start of the game or when a player pauses? Perhaps I’m not really understanding how this system works in FMOD

Hi bdbr,

The general logic, I believe, is to use it to change your default mixer state and then switch back to it.

So, in your case, I would trigger the snapshot mixer settings on game pause to mute whatever you want to mute or change the behaviour. And when you unpause, I would switch back to the default settings.

Imagine them as faders, where you can dial in the amount of snapshot settings over the default settings. So, you can use them as absolute switches (on/off) or you can ease them in over time like a fader… There are some nice YT tutorials you can check.

Hope this helps.

Hey Jaka thanks for the reply!

I might not have explained myself well enough. I meant more so, do you have to have an ‘event’ in FMOD which triggers the snapshot?

Oh, no, you can also trigger from code. Check here, section 9.9.1.