Best way to have a sound play when a snapshot is activated

Whenever I load my “timeslow” snapshot, I want a SFX to play.

Is the best way to do this just have a separate event, with only that sound effect, be triggered at the moment of the timeslow?

Or is there a way to efficiently incorporate it into the timeslow, so the snapshot itself also triggers that sound/event?



There is no way to make a snapshot trigger an event. It is possible, however, for an event to trigger a snapshot by using a snapshot instrument. Perhaps that would suit your needs?

hmm im not sure. I want a single sfx to play when a timeslow snapshot is triggered…
The timeslow snapshot effects a group bus with heaps of stuff being sent to it.

How does the event trigger the snapshot?

If it uses a parameter that might suit my needs… Cos I could use the parameter to also trigger a sfx in the same event (sent to a different bus), while also triggering the snapshot?

To maybe describe what I’m trying to do better →

I’ve also created a “jump” snapshot in fmod which works great with an EQ and reverb setup Ive made. But when the snapshot is activated I want a new “jump” music layer to kick in.

I know how to do it with a “jump” parameter, but if I can somehow pull it off with snapshots i’m thinking it would simplify things seeing as there are like 20 tracks .

Or do you think just using a “jump” parameter is the best way to go for each track?

A snapshot instrument triggers and untriggers a snapshot instance in the same way that an event instrument triggers and untriggers an event instance, and you can trigger and untrigger a snapshot instrument in all the same ways that a you could trigger and untrigger any instrument.

Yes, you could do this. Just put the snapshot instrument on that parameter in the event.

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