Can i use FMOD API for create a plugin/extension?


Hello everyone, I’m new to the FMOD Community, I just want to know if I can create a plugin or extension for FMOD with the API

Ok, I know APIs are just for integration, but by researching on google I found:
“FMOD Studio Plugin SDK” and apparently the page no longer exists.

it means that at some time, it was possible to create plugins/extensions for FMOD? and if yes, is it still possible?
or do I need to pay for source code or sdk or something?

Thanks Anyway,
- Emanuel Messias

You can still create plugins for FMOD and no you don’t need to pay for source code.

The docs can be found here:

Let us know if you find any dead links, as most of them should be redirecting.

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sorry for the late reply
thanks, i can’t find dead links anymore

however, really thanks!
that’s what i was looking for