How to create FMOD Sound Plugins using the Plugin API?

I’ve been looking through the API reference and I’ve looked at the plugins examples project. I’ve started by looking at the generate_tone.cpp as that is the one closest to what I’m aiming to do. The original script runs and generates its tones, however, when I attempt to add a second oscillator, there is no change in the resulting output.

I can’t really make head or tail of the API reference as there doesn’t appear to be anything to do with creating a plugin from scratch. I know what I want to do but seems no idea how to do it.

I’m not sure if I am understanding you correctly, but the generate_tone example is not a ‘plugin example’, it is just using built in DSPs. The plugins can be found in FMODStudio API\api\core\examples\plugins:

  • fmod_codec_raw
  • fmod_distance_filter
  • fmod_gain
  • fmod_noise

How are you trying to add a second oscillator, I can take a look at your implementation if you like.

Hi Cameron, I’ve looked into the fmod_noise script but there isn’t much commenting as to what’s going on in it. Feel I might be out of my depth on this.