Can Not Change Tempo Marker Value



I am unable to alter the tempo marker’s value, any thoughts on why this is?

I can edit destination markers by right clicking and selecting ‘Rename’ or by pressing F2.

Windows 10 (64bit)
FMOD V 1.10.10 (64bit) (Also tired other versions with no success)


You can edit tempo markers by double-clicking on them.

That said, you’re right that you should be able to edit them from the context menu or by using a keyboard shortcut, as you can destination markers. I’ll add that to our feature/improvement tracker.


Thanks for the reply Joseph, that’s great to hear.

Unfortunately double clicking doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work with the destination markers either. I have noticed some other weird behavior, double clicking on a parameter to insert a new value does not work for example when I assume it should.


That’s strange. Double-clicking works when I test it here, so the issue must be something that only affects certain hardware/software configurations.

What brand and model of mouse are you using?

Which version of FMOD Studio are you using, and which operating system?

Does double-clicking work correctly in other applications?

Are you running any accessibility or usability software that modifies or enhances the way mouse and keyboard interactions work?