FMOD Studio: Tempo Marker not changing ruler to bars

Total noob here, just getting through the tutorial. The title sums it up: when I “Add Tempo Marker” to the logic track, my Timeline ruler does not switch from timecode to bars. I keep trying with a brand new project, quitting/re-launching FMOD studio, etc. I’ve also looked for some manual way to change the ruler but can’t find one. Any suggestions?

Mac OS 10.11.6, FMOD Studio v 1.08.10, 64bit, Build 79252


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As of FMOD Studio 1.08.09, you can manually switch between beat/bar and timecode display by clicking on the words “TIME” and “BEATS” where they appear above the beat/bar timecode display in the transport bar.

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Thanks! Dunno how I missed trying that!

Wow, I just asked this same question… upgraded to the latest FMOD and was totally lost / going crazy :slight_smile:

Thanks again Joseph.